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{Giveaway!} Bevolee's Origami Spaceship Wall Decals from PIXERS

Happy Friday everyone ~ it's giveaway time!

I got the fantastic opportunity to collaborate with the wonderful and colourful PIXERS, a company who provides folk across the world with a vast range of decals and murals! I previously wrote a blog post about their latest collections, as well as some of my personal favourites: Let the Good Stuff Stick with PIXERS Wall Murals!

The outcome of my collaboration features the Origami Spaceships that I love making, however these wall decals display the spaceships in playful colours and patterns! They will look great for the children's room (especially a space themed one) or adding a bit of light-hearted colour to your walls, whether it be at home or at work!

So what's up for grabs...? 
  • The overall winner will receive the above design as an A2 wall decal. 
  • There will also be two runners-up who will receive the above design as an A4 wall decal.

Each spaceship is separate from each other, like die-cut stickers. PIXERS provides helpful instructions on how to apply them to your walls: PIXERSize Instructions

To enter this giveaway, please use the Rafflecopter widget below and answer the following simple question: What is your favourite wall decal from PIXERS Origami Collection? (You get a hefty 10 points for this!)

**The more entries you do, the more chances you have to win!**

Please read the boring, yet essential terms and conditions at the bottom in the Rafflecopter widget.

Best of luck!


*please comment below*

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POSTED WITH LOVE BY Beverly Cottrell ON Friday, 9 August 2013 @ 10:00
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My First Vintage & Craft Fair at Elsecar Heritage Centre
Ruby Tuesday Vintage Inspired Jewellery and Homeware

A Vintage & Craft Fair was held on Sunday the 28th July at the Elsecar Heritage Centre near Barnsley. It featured an abundance of stalls ranging from vintage clothing and jewellery to handmade homewares and accessories! I participated in this event selling my miniature stationery, illustrated shrink plastic jewellery and designed Washi Tape on a 3x3 foot stall. I was so engrossed in everyone else's stall that I forgot to photograph my own, but you can just make it out on the top image in the far left (the small stall with the white tree stand)!

While selling at the event, I got the chance to meet some interesting folks and have a gander at their products. Ruby Tuesday, run by Becky Stevenson (and with great help from her boyfriend), sells vintage inspired jewellery and homewares, as well as hunting unique items to add to her stock. My favourite jewellery from her stall was a bicycle necklace with a heart at the centre of the spokes! There was also vintage doll house teacups transformed into rings and necklaces. How cute!

Becky was also the lovely lady who organised the event, which was under the name of PaperDolls Events.

Red Paper House Paper Jewellery and Accessories Stall

Since I had a 3x3 foot stall, I shared with the lovely Red Paper House! Run by Amy Hall, her stall featured delicate and beautiful jewellery made from recycled paper and her photography. At first glance I mistook her jewellery to be ceramic, but it was in fact made from paper! Her products reflects her inspiration from nature and geometric pattern. I was also super surprised that this was her first craft fair ~ her stall was professionally laid out and very eye-catching, as if she has been participating in craft fairs for a long while!

Me-Me Lou Greeting Cards Stall
I had a lovely chat with Michelle Gemmel from Me-Me Lou, as well as having a good look at her playful and colourful designed greeting cards. You also couldn't miss the large white tree that displayed a range of her cards ~ such a wonderful idea! Her cards can bring a smile to anyone's face for any occasion. My favourite designs is the Shelly's Ice Cream Van and the popular card featuring birds in a colourful tree (pictured top-right). You can purchase her cards from Me-Me Lou's website!

I came across many beautiful and interesting stalls during my break (as I needed to stretch my legs!), but unfortunately I didn't capture all of them through my camera... So I would like to make some honourable mentions to some amazing stalls:
  • Galabeer and the Dog ~ A very curious title that sells curious items! Run by the lovely Ruth Wilson, this stall features a range of eclectic homewares and collectables. I was quite taken by a beautiful vintage skirt and a pair of salt and pepper penguins!

  • Hidden Quirks ~ A lively stall filled with all things handmade, vintage and kitsch! Hayley Quarmby sells a range of jewellery to suit everyone's taste... I can just see my mum wearing that beautiful Dragonfly necklace!

It was so nice to meet all these people and I hope to see them again at future craft fairs around Yorkshire! I also learnt ways to improve my stall, as the last craft fair I did was back in 2010 and this was my first solo stall (yup, it was pretty nerve-wracking!). I plan to formulate a craft fair check-list in the future and share it on my blog soon...

...and I don't want to forget all the lovely customers who visited my stall and shared their uplifting comments... including making some purchases ~ a HUGE thank you for your support!

Elsecar Heritage Centre ~ Playmania, The Craft Box, Heritage Railway
Being my first visit to Elsecar Heritage Centre I was desperate to have a look around, especially since there is a railway station featuring working steam trains! Unfortunately I missed getting to see them run, but I could hear their whistles and see their poofs of steam float by the entrance near my stall. The centre also contains a variety of businesses ranging from art galleries to music studios. There is a gigantic children's play area, called Playmania (pictured above, top image), which I had to resist the temptation of running inside and jumping into the ball pit... There is also a very large art and craft shop called The Craft Box (pictured bottom-left), which was sadly shut by the time I visited but it looked to contain a heaven-load of crafty goodness!

This place was larger than I expected with the vast range of businesses, including a cupcake and traditional sweet shop... I'll definitely make a returning visit to satisfy my sweet tooth and participate in some future craft fairs! ...See you then!


*feel free to comment below*

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POSTED WITH LOVE BY Beverly Cottrell ON Thursday, 1 August 2013 @ 14:30
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{Freebie} Decorative Washi Tape Strips by Bevolee
{Freebie} Decorative Washi Tape Web Graphics by Bevolee

Looking to beautify your blog? I'm offering you some web graphics of my leaf design decorative tape! The strips are slightly transparent and at 72 ppi for use in web graphics. These are direct scans of my original tapes which have been edited through Photoshop. Click on the above image to view original size and then right-click and save as a PNG file.

Use the strips to decorate your blog posts! Please see my example below...
{Freebie} Decorative Washi Tape Web Graphics by Bevolee ~ Example
I hope you have fun with them! 

If you would like to get your hands on the physical decorative tapes, please visit my Etsy Shop ~ Little Paper Spaceship!


Some important stuff you should know:
  • I will greatly appreciate a link back to my blog. Please link back to the original page or
  • You may use my decorative strips to decorate your blogs and websites (personal use only). 
  • Not for commercial/business use.
  • You may not re-sell or re-distribute the decorative tape strips as digital downloads or in physical form.
  • You may not use my web graphics for any damaging, harmful, racial or pornographic material (it's not nice).

*Feel free to comment below*

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POSTED WITH LOVE BY Beverly Cottrell ON Wednesday, 31 July 2013 @ 15:30
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Coffee & Stationery : The Bunbougu Cafe
Bunbougu Stationery Cafe
{Photographs from Bungougu Cafe and daman.cool3c.}

Okay... you may have heard of Cat Cafés of Japan, but have you ever heard of Stationery Cafés?! I came across this little gem while watching a documentary about Japanese stationery and my jaw just dropped with awe. The Bunbougu Cafe is nestled in a basement on a narrow shopping street located in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Not only is this place a café, it also serves as a bar, library and stationery shop. For a small, one-off membership fee you are given a master key to the stationery drawers of the café tables. Each drawer is filled with an assortment of stationery and papers... so while you're sipping on your brew, you can doodle to your heart's content! You can even leave a little surprise message for the next person who opens that drawer.

I love the concept of this place, plus it contains two of my main interests: stationery + a lovely warm drink! I wonder if there's a place like this in the U.K? It would be perfect for writers, students or people who like to doodle all day (like me!)... and you wouldn't be caught short of a pen!

This is one of the many places I can't resist to visit on my future trip to Japan.

Address : B1F, 4-8-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


*feel free to comment below*

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POSTED WITH LOVE BY Beverly Cottrell ON Friday, 26 July 2013 @ 17:43
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Paperdoll Events: Vintage & Craft Fair, 28th July

I'll be selling my crafts and Washi tape at the Paperdoll's Vintage & Craft Fair on Sunday 28th July (next weekend!). It has been a while since I last participated in a craft fair, so I'm pretty excited to get back into it! I've so far been having a big sort out and making props to display my items ~ I do believe that the display is just as important as the product!

So if you are around South Yorkshire, why not drop by and say "hi"?! Free entry to the event and there's plenty to do!


*feel free to comment below*

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POSTED WITH LOVE BY Beverly Cottrell ON Sunday, 21 July 2013 @ 11:30
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